Welcome to the DucKon 23 Dealer’s Room! We have a fine selection of vendors for you this year:

Tom Smith will be selling his CD’s at his table.

LukeSki will be selling his CD’s at his table.

Jennifer Allen will be selling her art at her table.

The Harp Twins will be selling their music at their table.

OffWorld Designs
Original t-shirts for fans of SF, gaming, and geek culture.  Don’t forget to stop by for your official DucKon t-shirt!

Dissociate Designs
Unique and personalized chainmaillie accessories – its not just for armour anymore.

The Odd Works
A combination  of traditional jewelry and accessories with steam punk jewelry and accessories ,custom jewelry from necklaces with large beads, earrings with tiny rhinestones hair accessories, jewelry boxes and more.  All items are hand crafted and totally unique.

Dark River Pottery
Hande made ceramic mugs, goblets, cups, and other pottery for the home.

Starfarer’s Dispatch
Previously loved science fiction and fantasy books.

Hedwig’s Corner
Fancy boxes, statuary, mortar and pestles, stones, jewelry, crocheted items, incense and accessories, and other gift items.

Amber Hammer
Fine jewelry, games, meteorites and other curios.

DVD World Books and Toys
Science fiction and horror DVDs, old science fiction books, old games and comics, science fiction toys.

Lost in the Maille
Chainmaille jewelry and accessories.

DucKon 23 dealers applications are available here: doc | pdf

Send ALL dealer correspondence to:

Attn: Mina Lawniczak
403 N Spring st
Elgin IL 60120
(708)602-1580 (10:00am – 10:00pm)