Be a Gopher!

DucKon’s Gophers Dept. invites you to join us! We need Gophers (Volunteers) to help us run the convention. Please visit us at our Gophers HQ, located in the Coat Room which is just outside of Ravinia Ballroom F. (Please note that there are two Coat Rooms; the other one, to the North of us, is where you will find DucKon Registration.)

One of our friendly Gophers Staff will help you get started. Based on DucKon 21, areas that we may (but not necessarily will) need help with at DucKon 22 include: Art Show/Auction, Blinkies, Critter Crunch, Gaming, Klingons and Registration. We will have our usual Gopher Space-Time Chart for you to schedule yourself on.

Beyond the personal satisfaction of helping to make DucKon a great convention, benefits of being a Gopher include:

For all Gophers (at least one hour of work is required):

  • Access to the “Gopher Hole” (shared sleeping rooms)
  • The same ConSuite food privilege as DucKon Staff: If something you want isn’t set out, ask a ConSuite Staff member – if it’s available, they will bring it out for you.

For Gophers who work at least 10 hours (work during certain days and times counts double toward your 10 hours, see below):

  • All of the above, plus rollover of your membership to DucKon 23.

In addition, the Gopher who works the most hours (including double-credit) will receive the DucKon 22 Super Gopher Award, which includes a personalized award, one free hotel room-night at DucKon 23 and our eternal gratitude.

Work during the following days and hours will count double toward gopher hours:

  •  Before 1:00 PM on Friday (this includes any earlier setup time, for example on Thursday)
  •  Between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM Saturday and Sunday mornings
  •  After 3:00 PM on Sunday

For more information contact