Literary and Writers

I am not a writer, but I love to read.

I am a writer, but I am also a fan.

Where do you put these two groups together? The Literary and Writers Track! Our lineup has something for everybody’s tastes and desires. You want to know about creating a superhero or villain, or how to build your world just right? Are you curious about writing with your spouse or best friend? How about mixing politics in your story? Maybe you need to understand the business of writing. Do you self-publish or not?
All of these topics and more will be addressed in our track.

For the fans, we also have exciting subjects to debate. What do I do after the apocalypse? How do I
make adaptable weapons at home for defense against zombies? We’ll even share info about more down to earth topics such as naming classic SF/Fantasy/Horror literature plus more!

Please check our schedule for the hours and locations of these discussions.

Happy reading and writing!